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Stress Management Training Workshops

An Effective Framework for Teaching People How to Manage Stress

Stress Management & Emotional Intelligence

Stress and the mind

We tend to react emotionally to difficult, stressful situations. When you intelligently manage your emotional reactions, you develop the resiliency to deal effectively with stressful situations. On the other hand, when those reactions are not intelligently managed, stress builds up and intensifies, making work - and life in general - problematic. Stress management requires emotional intelligence.

Improving Your Emotional Intelligence EQ

Emotional Intelligence

In our stress management workshops we teach the four basic skill sets that serve to improve your emotional intelligence EQ.

1: Self-Awareness

It's impossible to effectively manage stress if you aren't aware of your emotional reactions when they flare up. We teach techniques for improving self-awareness. Your reactions are an alarm clock designed to wake you up. We teach you to hear the alarm and respond by managing the reaction.

2: Self-Management

Self-management skills are dependent on self-awareness. Self-management is about breaking old habits, reframing situations, and responding in ways that neutralize the stress.

3: Social Awareness

It's not enough to be self-aware, however; you also need to be aware of how your behavior affects other people. Many people trigger negative reactions in others through their behavior. Social awareness can have a huge effect in reducing stress.

4: Relationship Management

Relationship management

Teamwork at work and in your personal life is about relationship management. When you continually work at improving relationships, stress is dramatically reduced.

Emotional Intelligence Training

Our stress management workshops teach people how to improve their emotional intelligence EQ. For more information on our emotional intelligence training programs, please visit our Emotional Intelligence Workshops website.


Our stress management workshops are much more than tips and techniques for relieving workplace stress. We provide a new framework for building the necessary skills for identifying and managing the sources of stress, rather than simply treating the symptoms. The foundations for this stress management framework are in Emotional Intelligence, and in learning to take ownership for proactively managing every difficult situation you encounter at work and in your personal life.

Training People to Be Effective Stress Managers

In our stress management training workshops, we teach managers, supervisors and employees how to improve productivity by managing the external and internal sources of their stress. Prior to the workshop, Roger Reece will set up a phone call with you to discuss the sources of stress that are adversely affecting your team. If an external source of stress involves deadlines and heavy workload, we will include a module on time management and possibly project management. If an external source is interpersonal conflict and difficult people, we will include a module on conflict management and conflict resolution.

If stress has negatively affected teamwork, attitudes and morale, we will include modules on managing your reactions, emotional intelligence and taking ownership. In every case we will structure the workshop to include training in how stress builds, its negative effects and how to de-stress yourself through a variety of proven tools and techniques. In our workshops, we examine the best practices of teams that effectively manage stress, as well as the worst practices of teams that don't.

The Perfect Stress Management Training Workshop for Your Team

Stress Management Workshop

Our workshops are much more than content; they are a fun and challenging learning experience. Through your phone consultation with Roger Reece, the right topics and focus areas for stress management will be determined, as well as the right format to present them in. We offer a variety of elements that will enrich the training class to make it engaging and entertaining as well as practical and targeted to your team's needs. In essence, we work with you to make sure that we deliver the perfect stress management training workshop for your team.

Group Exercises that Teach Stress Management

Learning is enhanced through interaction. Our workshops are highly interactive, with open discussions and group exercises focusing on key stress management topics. In small groups, participants share their experiences and discover solutions to the problems they are dealing with at work. Often, self-discovery is the best teacher, and the exercises we use allow groups to examine the sources of stress from fresh new perspectives.

Team-Building Activities: Experiential Learning

A fun training workshop

Depending on your objectives for the workshop, we can include one or more team-building activities to your program. The activities we have developed for stress management training are designed to model stress in the context of teamwork and competition. Participants are challenged and energized in fast-moving, fun and creative activities that deliver a powerful learning experience. After each activity, Roger Reece conducts a debriefing session drawing parallels between the activity and daily stressful situations in the workplace, and correlating the experience with key stress management principles. For more information on our team-building activities, please visit our Team Building Workshops website.

Stress Management Tools & Techniques

In our workshops, participants gain new insights and perspectives on stress and how it can be managed. We also provide them with tools and techniques for becoming aware of stress as it occurs, and dealing with it in new and more effective ways. Some of the tools we provide are designed to prevent stress through new behaviors and thought processes; some are designed to relieve stress and tension when it builds. With these new tools and techniques, your managers, supervisors and employees will be far better equipped to manage the stress that goes along with their jobs.

Stress Management Role-Play

In many of our workshops, we include role-play activities allowing participants to use the stress management tools from the training class to deal with difficult situations. Role-play can be structured as a small-group exercise, or a front-of-the-room demonstration. In either case, Roger conducts a debrief afterwards to discuss what happened and to use the successes and failures during the role-play as learning points.


Managing the Sources of Stress: Training Topics

· Managing External Sources

  • Managing time, priorities, projects, deadlines
  • Breaking the procrastination habit
  • Getting it all done
  • From fire fighting & crisis management to fire prevention
  • Managing & embracing change
  • Creative problem-solving & creative thinking
  • Mastering the art of self-management
  • Working with difficult people
  • Serving difficult customers
  • Tuning in to other people
  • Assertiveness & negotiation vs. avoidance
  • Eliminating gossip, backbiting & complaining from the team
  • Getting others to take ownership
  • Behavioral styles & strategies for working effectively with others
  • Managing & resolving conflict
  • Managing your relationships
  • Building trust & respect

· Managing Internal Sources

  • The neurology of stress
  • How stress affects your physical well-being
  • Tuning in to your internal stress alarms
  • Monitoring & changing your internal dialogue
  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Stress-relief exercises
  • Stress-relief best practices
  • Managing your reactions
  • Detecting & managing anger, resentment, frustration, fear and anxiety
  • Managing your tongue & learning to really listen
  • Managing your body language & tone of voice
  • Reframing difficult situations
  • Breaking old habits, forming new habits
  • Identifying your stress-producing programs
  • Rewiring your brain for adaptability & flexibility
  • Victimhood vs. Ownership
  • Breaking the habit of complaining
  • Converting problems into opportunities
  • Becoming a positive thinker
  • Taking charge of your attitude
  • Learning how to lighten up
  • Humor as a stress management technique

Topics can be covered lightly or in depth, depending on where your team needs focus and the time you decide to allocate to the training program.

DISC Behavioral Style Assessments

Stress management is about how you behave when you encounter stressful situations. Some people internalize stress and others externalize it. We recommend including behavioral style assessments as a part of your stress management workshop.

Approximately 10 days prior to the workshop, each participant completes an online survey and receives a 20-page assessment and personal profile based on the DISC Behavioral Style Model. The assessments are very accurate, and outline the individual's personality and ways of responding to stressful situations. The assessments provide invaluable personal insights for each participant.

During the workshop, the assessments are used not only as a tool for self-awareness and self-management, but also for social awareness and relationship management. Roger Reece explains the four primary behavioral styles, and describes how to work effectively with people of each style in order to minimize unnecessary stress.

For more information about the assessments and how we use them in our workshops, please visit our DISC Training Workshops website.

A Special Guest Speaker & Stress Management Expert

Buford P. Fuddwhacker, special guest speaker

Learning is accelerated when the participants are having fun. Roger Reece's creative style brings fun and humor to every workshop. If you want to add even more humor and entertainment, let us know - and Roger will bring his alter-ego, Buford P. Fuddwhacker, to the workshop. Buford is a down-home country philosopher and Stress Management Expert who adds music, humor and outrageous audience participation to the mix. Buford's motivational training modules range from 5 to 30 minutes in length, and your workshop can include from one to five fun-filled Fuddwhacker modules. For more information about Buford Fuddwhacker, visit our Fun Motivational Keynotes website. Contact us for a link to online videos of Buford in action.

Stress Management Coaching & Workshop Follow-Up

Roger Reece spends about 40% of his time conducting workshops and presentations. The other 60% of his time is in coaching. If you have specific individuals who need extra attention, we can follow the training day with a coaching day. Roger also provides telephone coaching for managers and key employees. Get maximum benefit for the training we provide by adding follow-up coaching as reinforcement. In Roger's coaching sessions, he is able to work with individuals and very small groups to focus on specific problems (opportunities) that need to be solved.

An In-House Workshop or an Offsite Event

Are you trying to determine the best time for a stress management workshop? Why not make it an integral part of your next offsite management meeting? Whether you're planning an annual managers' meeting, a management retreat or a strategic planning meeting, Roger Reece can add value with a stress management training workshop. If you are interested in training for all employees, make it a special day either onsite or in an offsite location. Contact us for creative ideas on how to make this a fun, memorable and successful event.

Increasing Employee Engagement & Productivity

Learning and growing

An effective stress management training workshop will increase employee engagement, morale, motivation, teamwork and productivity. When everyone on your team starts thinking about stress management, and when they all start using the new tools together, it becomes a team effort with a huge payoff.

Contact us now to schedule a stress management workshop. Send us a message and we'll send you details, options and cost information. If our fees fit your budget, the next step is to schedule a phone call to discuss dates, format, content and length of the workshop. After the call, we will send you a detailed outline and agenda for your program. Then all you have to do is schedule it. Invest in stress management training for your entire team. It's one of the best investments you can make.

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